Socially Responsible Dog Bandana

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Is your dog a lovely creature, who believes Murdoch's influence on media and politics is highly problematic?

Why not get them a Socially Responsible Dog Bandana, so that they can make their views known to other dogs in their area, and spread the word amongst the socially conscious canine community?


Made with 100% cotton, The Shot's Socially Responsible Dog Bandana is the perfect gift for any dog who doesn't believe in the corrosion of democratic norms through ideological control using monopolistic ownership of media as a means to influence political discourse in favour of neoliberal policies.

If your dog is opposed to the dissemination of bourgeois narratives, then this bandana is guaranteed to help them strike a blow to the perpetuation of class disparities by allowing them to wear their beliefs on their collar (literally).

This bandana is a fitting celebration of the year Rupert Murdoch stepped down as Chairman of News Corp, only to step up as Emeritus Chairman in the very same breath. 

Available in two sizes: Large and Small.

Small: 46cm x 33cm x 33cm
Large: 78cm x 55cm x 55cm