Lachlan Murdoch Stickers

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It’s the sticker perfect for pissing off any not-self-made billionaire!

For no particular reason, we present without any context, two new stickers that we have a sneaking suspicion might be quite popular.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if next time Lachlan Murdoch jets in on from the United States to spend a week happily suing small, independent media companies, he instead kept reading this imputation everywhere he turns, even though he’s been throwing daddy’s money at the best lawyers in town trying to make everyone shut up about it.

Sure, if you put this on your car’s bumper, you risk a lawsuit from Lachlan. On the other hand, his daddy probably won’t give him the money to sue everyone in Australia. Poor Lachlan.



  • 210mm x 74.5mm
  • High quality vinyl
  • Sun-safe ink to prevent fading