'Fuck the Herald Sun' Stickers

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How good is the free market! The Herald Sun keeps saying that... just, you know, slower. Dumbed down a tad And with a bit more racism. 

And how good is freedom of speech!? The Herald Sun keeps saying that. (It might largely be about the racism thing.)

With these two core principles in mind, it occurred to us that both the free market and freedom of speech hadn’t yielded an easy way to buy attractive, reasonably priced stickers that say “Don’t Read The Herald Sun”, “Fuck The Herald Sun”, “The Herald Sun is a coronavirus superspreader” and “The Herald Sun is not welcome here” (that one’s for sensible, concerned cafe/pub owners). 

Lift your game, free market! Invisible hand my ass. 

So, we decided to intervene directly, to course correct, to prop up a dwindling market. We’re like the CCP.

Anyway it would be an absolute disaster if these started appearing all over Melbourne. Rupert Murdoch would HATE that. Absolutely do not do that……!!!!!

If you need to read up on why this is a good sticker to put around Melbourne, take a few minutes and read this piece.



  • 210mm x 74.5mm
  • High quality vinyl
  • Sun-safe ink to prevent fading
  • Shipping costs $2 per entire order