Fuck Murdoch Beach Towel

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Have you ever found yourself so infuriated by Murdoch's near total power over the Australian political system that you need to dry yourself off?

Or you're at the beach or a pool and you urgently need to virtue signal to your fellow human beings that you're not someone who would ever deign to read the Herald Sun? 

Or perhaps you just want to destroy the Murdoch empire and will do everything in your power to further that cause?

Whatever your reason, The Shot's range of tastefully profane beach towels are the perfect way to dry yourself off this summer. Drape them over your balcony or fence for a high impact way to dry them.

Plus, if you attach them to two sticks (not included), they work perfectly as banners that you can take to anti-Murdoch rallies and revolutions.

Made with high quality cotton loop, it's the perfect gift for anyone who believes the world shouldn't be run by pro-death billionaire psychopaths!


  • 76cm x 152cm
  • High quality cotton loop beach towel
  • 66% polyester, 34% cotton
  • 410 grams
  • Usually dispatched within 2-3 business days